I’m working on developing a Twitter following, but failing miserably. I’m not sure how to to acquire legitimate followers. Most of the advice out there recommends a spam approach: follow hundreds of people in the hopes that a percentage of them follow you back. But what’s the point if it’s all automated and no real person ever sees your tweets? I rejected that approach. Now I consciously examine every potential Twit (one who tweets? hmm…maybe that’s my answer right there) to see if it makes sense to follow him/her/it. That’s probably part of my problem. I actually READ the tweets to see if they relate to me in some way. I have a feeling that 99% of tweets out there are never read–uh, except if they’re “written” by the cast of “Jersey Shore.”

For my needs, I envision Twitter as a tool to generate paying clients. Oh, and interest in a blog that I should really write on more often, and about stuff that people actually want to read. Yeah, I guess I have to work on that.


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