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Casual Employment

It’s been nine months since I last wrote here. During that time, I experienced an ersatz promotion from my in-office employer. I was made Content Lead for an Eastern European division of a particular client’s training program. I was in charge of putting together their training content. Then I moved on to a Central European country’s training project, and then another. Once complete, I was assigned a South American training project. But, due to financial reasons, was told that all “casual” employees (of which I was one) had their hours cut to zero. Many full-time employees were let go permanently. It was a mass layoff. This, apparently, is common at said Casual Employer Inc.

And, so, I am once again at home, working on freelance projects and keeping my dog company. All of my children are away at college, and my home echos with their absence.

Despite my initial challenges with handling all-day, in-office employment, I miss the purpose I felt driving their each day. And I admit to enjoying the camaraderie I felt with several co-workers. My dog doesn’t like chatting, and our ideas of going out to lunch aren’t the same.

Looking for permanent employment is proving challenging this time around. I was very fortunate last time, applying for one of the first jobs I saw, and then being offered the job. Easy come, easy go. I’ll take the challenge.


The Imitation Game

Last night I saw the Alan Turing biopic The Imitation Game. This morning, I sat at my computer to resume the edit of a fairly complex and lengthy computer-network training manual, feeling the touch of Turing’s ghost in every word. The movie moved me. I found Turing’s drive and imagination so far beyond my own that it was a challenge to comprehend. I do, however, find it fascinating. What broke my heart, though, was the way society treated Turing and his ultimate death as a result. What could he have achieved if those around him could have opened their own minds to a fraction of what Turing  was capable of. I continue to wonder what bigotry and ignorance has done to our world—what could have been, if only we all could have been more accepting of those who are different from us?