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I’ve been flirting with the number 450 for months. I admit that I’m not a bountiful tweeter, being of the quality over quantity camp. Not that the two are mutually exclusive, but I find my time better spent elsewhere. That’s less a dig at Twitter and its more efficient users and more a commentary on how I get lost in a task and discover hours later that I should have been doing something else—that task whose deadline is now looming, for example. (I’m a freelancer, and so good time management is my savior.) Having said that, I envy those who are so clever that they can manage their Twitter account and meet their deadlines—and do both well.

So, for months Twitter and I have done this dance, moving above and below 450 followers. I’m not concerned…scratch that. I am concerned. I wouldn’t be writing this blog post if I, at some level, was not concerned. Maybe “concerned” isn’t the right word. Maybe “fascinated” better describes what I’m feeling. Or “dismayed.” Each time I log in, my number of followers is different. When it’s 450+, I’m fascinated.

Right now, the number is 449. Color me dismayed.

I should say now that I work on social media as part of my job. I spend a lot of my Twitter time tweeting on behalf of a client, so when I return to my own account, I’m all tweeted out. Add to that my personal Twitter account, which exists solely to track my children’s tweeting habits. I occasionally feel the pressure to tweet from that account to maintain the ruse that I’m just another mom on Twitter—nothing to see here, kids. Just communicating with my tweeps. I swear I’m not stalking you.

Twitter and I have danced like this before. Every milestone had a brief period of wavering back and forth. At this 450 milestone, I may have plateaued. For reasons of my own appreciation of rounded numbers, I’d like to plateau on the other side of 450…



I’m watching my son work through the process of high school varsity tryouts. He’s a kind, easygoing, funny kid who has strong beliefs of what’s right and wrong, fair and unfair. He’s a good baseball player, but competition is fierce and he knows he’s on the line. He is discouraged, and it’s difficult for a mom to watch. He is wise and humble beyond his years.

I recently had a lesson in Twitter etiquette. I thought I was being clever in posting a response tweet, but clearly that’s not so. Lost a few followers, one good one, in particular, because of it. I could use a little of my son’s wisdom and humility.


I’m working on developing a Twitter following, but failing miserably. I’m not sure how to to acquire legitimate followers. Most of the advice out there recommends a spam approach: follow hundreds of people in the hopes that a percentage of them follow you back. But what’s the point if it’s all automated and no real person ever sees your tweets? I rejected that approach. Now I consciously examine every potential Twit (one who tweets? hmm…maybe that’s my answer right there) to see if it makes sense to follow him/her/it. That’s probably part of my problem. I actually READ the tweets to see if they relate to me in some way. I have a feeling that 99% of tweets out there are never read–uh, except if they’re “written” by the cast of “Jersey Shore.”

For my needs, I envision Twitter as a tool to generate paying clients. Oh, and interest in a blog that I should really write on more often, and about stuff that people actually want to read. Yeah, I guess I have to work on that.