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New Client

Back in December I faced the possibility of losing two clients. One was reconfiguring the organization, and the other had been chiming the death knoll for a while and I was finally facing that reality.

As a freelancer, I need to be looking for new opportunities continually. Sometimes I succeed in this, and sometimes I do not. Such results depend on how busy I am with current projects and life in general. December, for me, typically provides more work than I can accomplish because my time is shared with the excesses of the holiday season. Midway through December, I took some time to troll through my usual sources for job/client leads. I came across, among other opportunies, a call for scientific journal copyeditors. I applied, and continued with the project I’d been working on. Despite being qualified for the jobs I apply for, the glut of applicants usually means it’s less likely I’ll get a response from a large portion of them.

A few days later, I received an email message, and they were interested. Pay was good. Work was steady. These two factors are huge when it comes to freelancing. And so far, they’ve been a great client. I’m moving through the learning curve, getting used to their process and expectations, and I look forward to working with them for a while.

Acquiring new clients is never an easy task  for me. I feel uncomfortable performing the self-adulation that most potential clients require. So, with that considered, I am grateful for any opportunity to work with a new client.