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The Pinterest Effect

I’m sitting here in my family room, watching “Modern Family” and looking at Pinterest. This is my life. Multitasking. I can’t just watch TV. I have to be doing something else along with it. Usually, that’s knitting, but not at the moment. I was scanning Pinterest for cookie decorating ideas and came across a humorous item—a photo of an oversized cat accompanied by the text “I’m not fat. I’m just so damn sexy that it overflows.” I read it out loud to my family because, well, I find it life affirming. And I’m not even a cat lover.

The thing is, they didn’t know I was reading from a Pinterest pin.

About 20 seconds after I read that, I turned to my son and said, “Ooh, we should make rock candy some time!” Again, it was another Pinterest pin. They didn’t know this, though.

My family just though that sudden shift was an example of my brain at work. Scary.